Advanced Power Solutions

Bright Star brings the latest Clean Energy & Energy Storage Technology to deliver cost-effective electricity 24/7, both grid-connected and off-grid

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Advanced Energy Storage Solutions
Clean Energy Generation

Bright Star Energy Group (“BSEG”) is a multi-national company engaged in sourcing and developing the latest patented technology in the field of renewable energy and energy storage.

Technologically Advanced Solutions

BSEG works both in its own capacity and also with experienced and established patent owners to facilitate the provision of innovative and effective clean energy generation and storage.

Complete Independence

BSEG is not tied to any manufacturer or technology: we ensure that we select the most appropriate technology solution for our clients. We are constantly working with our technology partners to ensure that our solutions remain cutting-edge, effective and cost-efficient. Our team regularly monitors and researches new and developing technologies as they reach the marketplace.

The sun transmits more energy to earth in a single hour than is currently consumed by humans in an entire year. Most of that energy goes to waste.

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